Comes with history

Four generations in the meat market, 76 years in retail, 40 years in the wholesale, all the above starting from a neighborhood butchery. We now acknowledge, better than anyone, the needs, the wishes, and the relationship of the Greek people with the meat.

Comes with a wide range of services

After 60 years of experience, we possess the necessary know-how to process and conserve the meat the right way, so that it preserves its freshness, its good taste, and its nutrients.

Comes with a complete storage and transportation network through Greece and abroad

Meat needs care and respect, even when you are not on its process. That is why we do not compromise with its storage and transportation conditions so that its quality remains truly unchanged.


We know how to select, process correctly, and distribute rapidly and immediately the best first raw material in the market.

Wholesale and Export Network

Since 1983, we have established strοng long term collaborations with some of the greatest companies, but also with national organizations in almost every sector of the market: supermarkets, butchery shops, restaurants, catering and hotel units that are members of HORECA, medical units, hospitals, public organizations and many more.

A clientele that keeps expanding and honors us with its trust. For all the above, we take up all the necessary stages, so that our top quality meat is delivered to them on time, on the right conditions and the most competitive prices.

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