Comes with history

It is back in 1946 , when Giakoumis Davoutis, a traditional butcher of that time, opened his butchery shop at Saframbolis of Nea Ionia in Athens. DAVOUTHS Today, decades afterward, his vision lives strongly and continues to evolve through a contemporary, innovative corporation that keeps up with its values and its family character.


Comes with experience

Four generations in the meat market, 76 years in retail, 40 years in the wholesale, starting from a neighborhood butchery. We now acknowledge, better than anyone, the needs, the wishes, and the relationship of the Greek people with the meat. We know how to select, process correctly, and distribute rapidly and immediately the best first raw material in the market. We know how to offer a competitive advantage to our clients.


Comes with its people

We began as a family, we continue as a family. The human asset of our company was, is, and always will be the element that characterizes us, pushes us to stand out, and allows us to offer you the top quality and the best service. A strong, connected, and experienced team with top professionals of the market in every post, excellently trained, with deep knowledge and passion for the job.