Corporate Social Responsibility

In DAVOUTIS S.A. we believe that every company has a duty; to stand up for the community and with a strong feeling of responsibility, to give the example by helping vulnerable groups of fellow citizens, standing for environmental actions, supporting sports. 

This belief becomes reality through acts of corporate social responsibility for:


The children

Children are our future and deserve to have all the support, help, and opportunities to grow up in a safe environment. That is the reason we support “The Smile of a Child”, an NGO with a valuable cause and long-term actions, by donating our products to four of their community homes.


The vulnerable social groups

On a firm basis, we donate our products to the Metropolis of Nea Ionia and to the Social Grocery of Halandri, in the context of supporting people in need.  



Engagement with sports and every distinction at a national level begins in the neighborhoods and the municipalities. That’s why we stand next to youth sports teams of our town, through sponsorships and financial aid to their leagues.


Gender equality / Women’s empowerment

In a traditionally “male-dominated” sector as the meat market, we are proud to employ women at a rate of 30% of our personnel, while we keep on trying to increase the female representation in key positions in our company.


Our people

In DAVOUTIS S.A. we believe that our people are our real power. Therefore, we offer them yearly access to training programs and seminars, thus contributing to their professional and personal progress.


Sustainable development

We contribute to the worldwide effort for environmental protection, trying to leave a better and healthier planet to the next generations. 

Currently, our company has in progress a significant investment program in photovoltaics, in order to be able to cover a large part of our energy needs from alternative energy sources. Thus, we will drastically reduce the energy footprint of our company in the near future.