Wholesale and Export Network

Wholesale: Since 1983, wholesale is our main activity. Within the years, we have established strοng long term collaborations with some of the greatest companies, but also with national organizations in almost every sector of the market: supermarkets, butchery shops, restaurants, catering and hotel units that are members of HORECA, medical units, hospitals, public organizations and many more.

A clientele that keeps expanding and honors us with its trust. For all the above, we take up all the necessary stages, so that our top quality meat is delivered to them on time, on the right conditions and the most competitive prices.


Comes with Greek tastes that are exported to the big European markets


The recent years, we witnessed a big target of ours becoming a reality, as our activities went beyond the Greek borders. We are especially proud that the quality, the know-how and the experience of Davoutis S.A. are now exported to the United Kingdom, Belgium, and Cyprus with traditional products that are now gaining the preferences of foreign customers. 


Comes with a look to the future


A company with a big history and even bigger perspectives. A modern company with a family nature that constantly evolves dares, innovates and never stops visualizing. This is the Iak. Davoutis & Co. S.A. of today. 

A company that signs with its quality